Application Process

Academic Calendar 2019-2020

Access to the preinscription application
Registration 2019-2020

Specific requirements

This master is designed for graduate students in Physics, Physics + Mathematics, or equivalent. Nevertheless graduate students in Mathematics, Chemistry, Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications or Biotechnology are also accepted under the following specific requirements:
  • It is recommended that graduate students in Mathematics are expected to access the Mathematical Physics module, which provides a high specialization in aspects of Theoretical Physics and the most current branches of Mathematical Physics.
  • It is recommended that graduate students in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Industrial or Telecommunications Engineers access the specializations in Materials Physics or in Atmospheric and Climate Physics.
In order to specify the details of the degree will be held information sessions prior to the pre-registration period and personal interviews with the Coordinator of the degree prior to enrolment, in order to guide on the most appropriate subjects according to the profile of income, interests future and personal characteristics.

Selection criteria

Once the legal conditions required for access have been fulfilled and the pre-inscription has been verified, the Academic Committee of the Master will make the selection according to the following criteria:

      • The admission will be subject to the analysis of the CV of the candidates by the Academic Committee of the Title, in order to guide students on the suitability and adequacy of this Master for their expectations and prior knowledge. In this sense, the personal interview with the Master’s Coordinator is very important, especially for graduates coming from non-Physics degrees.
      • Access to the Master does not present training complements, therefore students coming from degrees such as Mathematics, Engineering, Chemistry or Biotechnology will be provided with indications regarding the appropriate itinerary to follow. The specific criteria for student admission will be:
Graduate degree (60% of the total):
  • Physics of Physics+Mathematics degree: 100%.
  • Mathematics, Chemistry, Industrial/Telecommunications engineering degrees: 80%.
  • Biotechnology degree and other degrees with at least 80ECTS in Physics: 75%.


CV of the candidate (30% of the total).
Interview of the candidate (10% of the total). The aspects that will be evaluated in the interview are:
  • Level of Physics of the candidate’s academic degree according to the speciality
  • Expectations of the candidate with respect the possibility of developing an academic career



  • Requests should be addressed to Luis M. Nieto, coordinator of Master studies, at
  • Please fill in the application form and send it attached, together with the rest of application material (academic record and diploma) to
  • The Graduate Board will get in contact with the applicants in due course.