Subjects of the MATERIALS PHYSICS speciality

Courses guides

Required classECTSTheoryLaboratory
Computer LabProfessors
Computational Physics30045O. Alejos, J. Negro and V. González
Scientific methodology and knowledge transfer32400S. Dueñas, J.C. Rodríguez, and M.A Rodríguez
Big Data Techniques in Physics
310014L.M. Nieto, and J. Rodríguez (Telefónica I+D)
Elective classes (to get the mention you have to choose at least 11 subjects)ECTSTheoryLaboratoryComputer LabProfessors
Thermodynamics of Materials314120J.C. Cobos, J.A. González, I. García
Static and dynamic structural characterization of materials: diffractometry
and vibrational spectroscopy
36220A.C. Prieto
Semiconducting materials for optoelectronics and integrated circuits32200J.E. Rubio, S. Dueñas, J. Jiménez
Polymers38200M.A. Rodríguez
Nanoscience and quantum confinement in nanomaterials32200J.A. Alonso, P. Iñiguez, M.J. López
Magnetic materials31680J.M. Muñoz, P. Hernández, O. Alejos, C. Torres
Selective porous materials38200A. Hernández, P. Prádanos, J.I. Calvo, L. Palacio
Biomaterials32200J.C. Rodríguez, M. Alonso, M. Santos
Multiphase materials and cellular materials38200M.A. Rodríguez
Experimental techniques for the characterization of semiconductors and insulators36240H. Castán, H. García, Ó. Martínez
Experimentation in biomaterials34280J.C. Rodríguez, M. Alonso, M. Santos
Computational modelling of semiconductors and technological processes38020LA. Marqués, M. Aboy, I. Santos
Quantum simulations of nanomaterials38020D. González, L.E. González, A. Aguado, L.M. Molina, I. Cabria, A. Vega
Properties and computational modelling of metamaterials310016J. Represa, A.C. López, I. Barba, A.M. Grande