Subjects of the ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS AND CLIMATE speciality

Courses guides

Required classECTSTheoryLaboratory
Computer LabProfessors
Computational Physics30030O. Alejos, J. Negro and V. González
Scientific methodology and knowledge transfer32400S. Dueñas, J.C. Rodríguez, and M.A Rodríguez
Big Data Techniques in Physics310014F. Buitrago
Elective classes (to get the mention you have to follow ALL the subjects)ECTSTheoryLaboratoryComputer LabProfessors
Atmospheric Thermodynamics381010A. Calle, A. Burgos
Atmospheric Dynamics312012I. Pérez, M.Á. García
Aerosol characterization and interactions31288R. Román, D. Mateos, C. Toledano
Radiative transfer312016M.A. González, V.E. Cachorro
Instrumentation and measurement of atmospheric factors6201414I. Pérez, M.A. García, C. Toledano, R. Román y D. Mateos
Atmospheric remote sensing624024Abel Calle
Optical methods and radiometry36128T. Belmonte, G. Calleja, R. González, C. Toledano
Climate modelling34024A. Calle, R. Román, C. Toledano, A. de Frutos
Climate change indicators and IPCC guidelines314012A. de Frutos, C. Toledano, R. Román