This Master programme is oriented towards graduate students interested in developing an academic research career. The Master is divided in three specialities that focus on the topics of  Physics in which the supporting research groups are specialised. The Master students have to select their specialization among the following three: Mathematical Physics, Atmospheric Physics and Climate, and Materials Physics.
The Master programme offers the possibility of reduced theory face-to-face lectures in order to make easy for graduate students to join and follow the Master. There are three common compulsory subject for the three specialities (9 ECTS). In each speciality the students will have to do a Master Thesis (18 ECTS) as an introduction to research. In addition in each speciality the graduate student must attend 33 ECTS of lectures among all the subject offered in the speciality. It is not mandatory to attend the 33 ECTS lectures within the same speciality, nevertheless if so the MsC title will reflect the specialization.