Subjects of the MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS speciality

Courses guides

Required classECTSTheoryLaboratory
Computer LabProfessors
Computational Physics30030O. Alejos, J. Negro and R. González
Scientific methodology and knowledge transfer32400S. Dueñas, J.C. Rodríguez, and M.A Rodríguez
Big Data Techniques in Physics
310014F. Buitrago
Elective classes (to get the mention you have to choose at least 11 subjects)ECTSTheoryLaboratory
Computer LabProfessors
Differential Geometry in Physics32200J.M. Izquierdo
Lie groups and algebras in Physics32200J. Negro
Functional Analysis in Quantum Mechanics32200F.M. Gómez-Cubillo
Advanced Differential Equations in Physics (not available in 2023/24)32200-
Dynamical Systems and Chaos (not available in 2023/24)32200-
Quantum Field Theory32200M. Donaire
Non-linear Physics32200A. Durán
Classical and Quantum integrable systems32200M.A. del Olmo, A. Iván Gutiérrez (UBu), A. Blasco (UBu)
Topology and Physics (not available in 2023/24)32200-
Quantum Computation and Information32200Luis M. Nieto, Mateus Araújo
Advanced Quantum Field Theory32200M. Donaire
Geometry of space-time (not available in 2023/24)32200-
Particle Physics (not available in 2023/24)32200-
Hot topics in Mathematical Physics: Extragalactic Astrophisics32200Luis M. Nieto, Fernando J. Gómez-Ruiz
Semminars of the Mathematical Physics group32200Several Invited Professors
Fundamentals of Astronomy and Astrophysics32200-
Modern Cosmology32200D. Sáez-Chillón
Quantum Technologies32200J.C. García-Escartín